Saturday, 15 August 2015

BMW for Rent in Malaysia

BMW Z4 3.0(B) 2013
Suitable for daily tour for client, wedding car, corporate events, airport transfer etc.

Rental rate :-

1 day ~ RM1,500
1 week ~ RM8,400(RM1,200/day)
1 month ~ RM15,000(RM500/day)

Document’s needed :-

1.       Photocopy of IC
2.       Photocopy of Driving License
3.       Photocopy of Student/ ID Card
4.       Utility bill

Security Deposit needed

Delivery Charge
Based on location and request
Minimum RM20 per delivery

Regular CUSTOMER with COMPLETE document will get many surprising discount!

For more information please call :-
En. Faris

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